Babymoon in Country Victoria

At a recent doctors appointment, Richenda confessed she was feeling tired.  Fiona, our ob/gyn extraordinaire, was on point with her diagnosis and treatment.

“Tired!? Of course you’re tired honey! You’re growing a person. You need to take some time off for baby growing.”

As if doctor’s orders weren’t enough, it’s the middle of a cold and rainy winter here in Melbourne. The Detroiter in me says it’s not that cold, and the Seattleite says it’s not that rainy, but the bit of me that calls Melbourne home says “IT’S FREEZING!” I love our city apartment in the sky, but in the middle of winter it gets pretty grey and dreary among the clouds.

So in search of relaxation, and warm fireplace, we decided a babymoon escape would be in order.

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Julie & Andy

Julie is a photographer. Andy is a rockstar. Yep, they’re probably the coolest couple in the world. We’ve only met a handful of times, but they feel like old friends.

I’m insanely impressed with Julie’s work. When I was in Seattle last, she kindly agreed to give me all her secrets!!!

Here’s my best effort, shot on her 35mm 1.4. Thanks guys!






@mareefrances before her trip to Uganda


Canos Band Photoshoot

There is a saying that too many cooks spoil the broth, but that is certainly not the case with Melbourne’s folk troupe Canos. With eight different musicians adding their own creativity to the mix, the end result is a gorgeous combination of traditional folk instruments with dreamy vocals, layered harmony’s and pop sensibility’s instruments

The band was originally formed by frontman Cam Lee in early 2008 to add group dynamic to his solo musical efforts. Since then, Canos has evolved into a fully fledged musical act in it’s own right, leading the Melbourne nu-folk revolution. Influenced by musical geniuses like Neil Finn, Elvis Costello, Paul Kelly, Counting Crows and Nina Simone, Canos’ mellow sound, meaningful lyrics will leave you dreaming of green hills and summertime.

A few weeks back, Richenda and I escaped the city and joined the guys and gals from Canos in Phillip Island. We shot 5 take-away shows, a one-take-style music video pioneered by Vincent Moon of La Blogotheque. Hope to have the videos up shortly, but for now, please enjoy the photos.

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