12 New Years Resolutions


The problem with New Years resolutions is that they last AN ENTIRE YEAR. Mid-february, I’m already bored, out of willpower, and looking for another adventure.

So in 2014, instead of one long boring New Years resolution, Richenda and I picked 12 mini-resolutions, each lasting for a month. Some are healthy, some are difficult, and some just downright sexy. 12 resolutions, 12 chances for epic failure. Stay tuned for updates!

January: Running

January is summertime in the southern hemisphere, so we’re starting out with a bit of fitness. We’ll run every other day, and yoga (Richenda) or weights (Kyle) on the alternative days. We’ll be holiday in Bali and California  (!!!), so this will likely be the most stressful part of January. Rough life, huh?

February: Budget

January holidays are for spending, so February will be for saving. We’re going to save 50% of our take home pay for an entire month… which pretty much means no-fun February. Apparently, if you live on 50% of your take home income, you can retire in 16 years.

March: Live like Tourists

On my walk home everyday from work, I pass two hostels bursting with Euro backpackers. I’m never sure if I should be jealous of the care-free life, or if I should feel sorry for them all cramped into a 8-bedroom dorm.

In March, we’re planning to living like the tourists in our own city. We’ll visit museums, explore the city at night, and take the V-line train out of town (with a backpack of course).

April: Bicycles

No cars. No taxis. Not even busses, trains or trams. For the month of April, we’ll be on bicycles only. Hope it doesn’t rain much!

May: “Exercise”

May is the Great Ocean Road half marathon. In 2012, Richenda ran her first half marathon, and this year we’ll finish another one together!

May will also be a month of (ahem) training… together… every day. You figure it out. Looking forward to this one, don’t think it will be much of a challenge.

June: #photoaday

I have a confession to make: I take a bunch of pictures but never share them. This June you can look forward to a photo uploaded daily for your pleasure. And there will be plenty to see — we’re in Greece for holiday, Spain for Damiana and Sinan’s wedding, and California for Mandy and Miles!

Also, in June I will finally admit to my wife that frequent flyer miles are awesome, and it was worth getting a Virgin Airlines credit card.

July: Digital Detox

No social media, no TV, no internets after 6pm, and iPhone must be docked immediately when arriving home. Phone calls are still allowed, as well as emergency laptop use for work, but this will be a serious digital detox for us. Will we survive? You’ll have to wait and see.

August: Simplify

August is month of looking beyond ourselves. Outside of groceries, we’re not allowed to buy anything, and instead, find a few good causes to support.

In addition, we’ll be cooking every meal from scratch (no restaurants allowed!)

September: Curfew and Alarm Clocks

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”

– Benjamin Franklin, author, printer, political theorist, politician, postmaster, scientist, musician, inventor, satirist, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat.

Clearly the strategy worked for Benny-boy. In November, we’ve got a strict self-imposed curfew: in bed by 11pm, and up by 7am. September will be heaven for Richenda, and hell for me. Are naps allowed?

October: Ocsober

31 days without booze.

November: Wild Card!

Honestly, we’re all out of ideas. Suggestions welcome! 🙂

December: Friends and Family

Decembers, and the holidays, are best spent with friends and family. Every day in December we’ll share quality time with friends or family, either in person or over Skype for the internationals!

Happy 2014! It’s gonna be a fun one.

14 thoughts on “12 New Years Resolutions”

  1. Hey Kyle, first time I ever see resolutions in this way. Not only it looks like a lot of fun but it also looks achievable and easier to keep up with it.

    Thanks for sharing man, it’s definitely going to be interesting to see how it develops for you guys.

    Cheers and happy new year to Richenda and you of course! 😉

    – Sergio.

  2. Love it!!!!! So you have inspired Jess and I a little, thank you 🙂

    Also, as for May, well that’s just what we do all year but for us hopefully not with the same outcome you guys are hoping for this year 😛


    1. Ha, awesome. I expect nothing less from you young man. It’s going to be an amazing year for you two!!

  3. Love, love, LOVE this! I think the idea of doing it as a couple is so cool, too. Scott and I might have to steal your strategy 🙂

    For November, you could focus on volunteer work. Maybe volunteering at a new place together once each week? You could also dedicate the month to getting organized! (Not that I think you are disorganized or anything…just suggesting this as it’s one of my personal goals) Organizing your house, closet, car, etc., focusing on one area each weekend.

    One final idea is spending November making new friends and meeting new people. Scott and I have our own close knit group of friends, but sometimes forget to expand socially because we’re so comfortable with our “people”. Always fun to make new buddies and expand the social circle!

    Again — totally inspired by this! Hope you and Richenda have a wonderful 2014 — I look forward to following along!

    1. Thanks Sota! And yeah, totally join in! Love all three of those ideas — we’re pretty much the most unorganised people in the world, but I’m starting to just embrace it.

  4. U guys rock! Love this and all the great ideas. Katrina’s come up with some beauties too. Looking forward to catching up with u guys, joy and Carla in jan. Xo Clare

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