How to Get Rid of Ads on your WordPress Blog

Dedicated to my buddy @LindseyTalerico is great. It’s easy, free, and simple to use. The only downside are those pesky ads… like this dodgy one that greeted me on Lindsey’s blog.

Yikes. Lucky for you Mrs. Talerico-Hedren, you have options. The simplest way to get rid of ads is to pay $29.97/yr for an ad free site. On your wordpress dashboard choose Upgrades >> No-ads. 

If you’re keen to have more control over you blog and you don’t mind spending around $75/year, you can switch to a self-hosted wordpress site.

You can read about the pro’s and con’s of each here. Switching to self hosted opens up a whole new word of options, plugins, themes. Plugins allow you to easily add photo galleries, social media likes and tweet buttons, google analytics code and more. With a self-hosted wordpress site, you have complete control of how you page looks and functions, and can run your own ads if inclined.

I pay $6/month in hosting through bluehost, and have had no problems.

1. To migrate your blog, sign up for a hosting account at bluehost (or whichever hosting solution you like) and follow directions to either register a new domain or transfer yours

2. Install wordpress software on your site

3. Export your blog content and import the files and attachments.

4. Check to make sure your old posts still have the same link structure. (After I migrated from Squarespace, I manually relinked them using a plugin called “Quick Page/Post Redirect DEV”)

5. Choose a new theme, widgets, plug-ins, and enjoy!

…Alternatively, WordPress offers “guided transfers” for $119.


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  1. If @JeffGuthrie were still here, I’d probably con him into doing some fancy development work. Since Ian is likely too expensive for my budget I’ll have to take my Saturday this coming weekend to following your Bluehost instructions (sigh). Thanks for the help, friend. Miss you guys x a million! See you in less than 5 months!

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