5 beautifully produced NGO videos

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of filming at CBM’s partner organisation, CCBRT in Tanzania, and community based organisations and clinics in Kenya. I was fortunate to work with Greg Low, a veteran documentary producer, and learned a ton from him. We met individuals living with–or caring for children with–disability. It was humbling, powerful and inspiring.

For me, making videos has always invoked equal parts excitement and fear. I’m often overwhelmed with the tremendous responsibility it is to share stories from the field with our donors. Sometimes it’s a good overwhelmed: it keeps me honest, focused, and aware of my role. Other times, it’s simply overwhelming and I become frozen or fearful. I’m usually nervous to review the footage and start editing, for fear that I won’t be able to relay the story as compellingly or as powerful as I first heard it. I’m learning to work within the tension.

In the spirit of inspiration and sharing, here’s five videos from producers I admire. I love the style (most are shot on Canon DSLR’s) and the way the stories are told. I’m keen to hear what others think.

Title: Radar Development People with Disabilities
Organisation: CCBRT


Title: Voices for Change, Delhi
Organisation: Greenpeace
Produced by Philip Bloom

Title: 37 Scars
Organisation: World Vision USA
Produced by Josh Batchelder

Title: Clean Water for the Bayaka
Organisation: charity: water

Title: Baby Heart
Produced by Ricky Norris, Discover The Journey

4 thoughts on “5 beautifully produced NGO videos”

  1. Really lovely mate, very inspirational the whole page and especially your words at the top. Thanks for your effort in putting these together. I to am starting a journey for making videos that might want to leave this world behind in a better place. Kyle, thank you mate for your honesty. Its inspiring.

  2. Very inspirational! makes me think about the situation puting myself in their shoes and seeing the world that they are facing. Its harder than our imagination, got to do something to make their lives better.
    Thanks a lot for this mind opening list of videos Kyle. I very much appreciate your courage to have gotten there to film it.

  3. That is a good work and Godly from you for th world to economic, social, nutritional, educational, etc, unfaireness in the some part of the world even as of today’s world we are living in. let all jion hands to help and assist these poor people who out of no fault of theirs living in this horrible situation.
    They really, really need help lets assist them. Thanks you for your grate work out there, keep it up and God would Bless you and your descendants.
    Joseph Sakyi: Columbia University.

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