Babymoon in Country Victoria

At a recent doctors appointment, Richenda confessed she was feeling tired.  Fiona, our ob/gyn extraordinaire, was on point with her diagnosis and treatment.

“Tired!? Of course you’re tired honey! You’re growing a person. You need to take some time off for baby growing.”

As if doctor’s orders weren’t enough, it’s the middle of a cold and rainy winter here in Melbourne. The Detroiter in me says it’s not that cold, and the Seattleite says it’s not that rainy, but the bit of me that calls Melbourne home says “IT’S FREEZING!” I love our city apartment in the sky, but in the middle of winter it gets pretty grey and dreary among the clouds.

So in search of relaxation, and warm fireplace, we decided a babymoon escape would be in order.

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User testing can be painful… but it’s worth it

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Perhaps this is a familiar story. You’ve built a new website or app, dogfooded it with your team, and now you’re ready to test with real-life users. Excitedly, you gather a few people who are most likely to be your target audience, and begin the testing sessions.

Immediately you start getting some rather… painful feedback.

  • “I have no idea what this is”
  • “I would never use, or come back to this website”
  • “How do I log-in?” *Ignores giant log-in button*

User testing is often the moment where the rubber meets the road. All your ideas, decisions, sketches, and code comes together to create a real interface… one that a user is now attempting to use, and is forming their own ideas about.

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The Best Video Gear for Weddings

Recently, a few friends have asked for advice on the video gear they should use when moving into freelance wedding videography. I’ve been out of the video world for a few years, but if I was starting out, here’s the gear I’d pick up.

Legendary creative Chase Jarvis says “The best camera is the one that’s with you”. I learned on a Sony DCRTRV-38—literally any camera on the market is now better than that. Gear can be a great help, but also a huge distraction. Try before you buy. Get to know your gear inside and out. And remember that all the best gear in the world won’t help if you’re not comfortable with it.

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12 New Years Resolutions


The problem with New Years resolutions is that they last AN ENTIRE YEAR. Mid-february, I’m already bored, out of willpower, and looking for another adventure.

So in 2014, instead of one long boring New Years resolution, Richenda and I picked 12 mini-resolutions, each lasting for a month. Some are healthy, some are difficult, and some just downright sexy. 12 resolutions, 12 chances for epic failure. Stay tuned for updates! Continue reading 12 New Years Resolutions

10 Best Non-Profit Videos of 2012

10 years ago, non-profit videos were different. They were on brand, on message, had voice-over narration and showed children suffering terribly. It turns out, people don’t especially seek out this content to watch (although arguably still effective in fundraising with older demographics).

With the rise of online video, there’s been a trend in the industry to create art, or entertainment that people want to watch.

After looking at 2012’s top non-profit videos (mainly 1M+ views) nearly all are one of the following:

  • Funny
  • Shocking
  • Sexy
  • Amazing/Beautiful

Here’s ten that we thought made the biggest waves in 2012.

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Julie & Andy

Julie is a photographer. Andy is a rockstar. Yep, they’re probably the coolest couple in the world. We’ve only met a handful of times, but they feel like old friends.

I’m insanely impressed with Julie’s work. When I was in Seattle last, she kindly agreed to give me all her secrets!!!

Here’s my best effort, shot on her 35mm 1.4. Thanks guys!






@mareefrances before her trip to Uganda